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There are some exhibitions that cross the distance that separates definition of what you see from the emotion the art itself gives you, openly, freely, directly. This is the case here. It is textile art and a very rich one indeed but it is also a varied, well installed and very dramatic artistic expression that defies the stereotype that textile art is soft art, always a bit lost in crafts and in sweet womanly creations, a half-lit, half-formed, half-grown universe which cannot address the main questions and worries of “serious”, mainly male, hard contemporary art.

Well, forget your prejudices. Textile art, women making art using the textile medium in its infinite variations and combinations can be as delicate but strong, as soft but rigorous, as stylistically pure but expressive as any “hard” sculpture. You do not need steel, marble or huge formats to talk about life, death, identity, body, nature, poetry, emotional memory or the four elements and our place in the world. You have all of it in this 2 part textile exhibition, successfully showing both the joy (first part, Saint-Cloud) and the pain (second part, Viroflay) our lives are a mixture of. Textile beauties and beasts and you will love them both. There are opposite but balanced elements of the same whole, each one requiring the other in order to exist. Dialectic balance of opposites, in Art like in life and a very good curatorial choice indeed...

All this is the gift of talented, warm-hearted duo of Mother (Sylvie Breton) and Daughter (Marion Breton), committed to intercultural emotional pull and versatility of textile creation, both by contemporary artists and ordinary people alike. People are invited to participate in patchwork creations that are later combined to form large works successfully presented alongside the professionals.

The exhibition is called “regards textiles I et II” (Textile views & II,) http://festivaltextile.blogspot.fr/ the 2nd part just opening on the 3rd of November in Viroflay while the first part opened last month in Saint-Cloud, famous for its international rose festival and now maybe for its colourful, celebratory textile art creation. In other words, go see the happy beauties followed by the happy beasts.

Sylvie and Marion Breton’s installation work, generous participative practice and eclectic creation is one of the writer’s favourites and a breath of fresh air in the sophisticated but quite cold and elitist Parisian art scene.  Well done to them and you shall enjoy it if you happen to come by as I did. You will enjoy it, immensely.

© Haris Metaxa, 2016

The writer, Haris Metaxa, Poet, Cultural Critic http://harismetaxawritingart.blogspot.fr/ and Artist, is a committed and hungry hunter of real and honest artistic emotion and expression. She loves textile art and the work of Sylvie and Marion Breton.

Photos de Marion Breton